Buying a Home: Real Estate Advice For Buyers

Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking experience. For example, you need to choose between a building a new home or buying an existing one. For most of us, it is the largest purchasing decision we make and, quite often, is the number determining factor in your overall quality of life. Home is home. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming, but it pays to be organized and find an agent who will act as an advocate for your interests.

  1. Make a list: Sit down and decide what you like, what you don’t like, your must haves and other personal preferences, whether it is a gas stove, two car garage or a large backyard. Establishing your criteria will help narrow your choices and help you zero-in on finding your dream home.
  2. Search, search, search and have others help you search: Listings on the internet allow buyers to quickly “tour” multiple homes quickly. Of course seeing a home in person and taking in its size, feel and actual condition is absolutely part of the hard work that goes into buying a home. Ask lots of questions. Tell your friends, your agent, your family to keep an eye our for listings that suit your tastes.
  3. Be realistic: We all have to rationalize wants versus needs. That said, if you can swing it, feel free to buy a home with features you simple desire. Life is short. But also, think about how you will use the space. Do you like to entertain? Is a large master bathroom important to you as a sanctuary? Do you need a backyard for the kids? Sometimes buyers can fall in love with a home, but take a step back and make sure you are being realistic with your homeownership goals. Like most material objects, there’s alway another home and another seller around the corner.
  4. Check out the neighborhood: Visit your prospective new home at night and day, on the weekends, just to make sure you see the surroundings in every situation. Your neighbors and neighborhood weigh heavily on your total home purchase.
  5. Get your finances in order: So you found your perfect home and you need to secure it. The last thing you want to do is have a hangup with getting a loan or putting up a downpayment. Dedicate some time to look at how much you can afford to spend, the potential resale value and make sure you are pre-qualified for a loan.
  6. Find an agent that suits you: If you hire a buyer’s representative, make sure he or she is someone you enjoy working with. Are they taking leadership in helping you find the home? Are the listening to you? It’s the agent’s job to answer your questions, so make sure you are working with someone who is working on behalf of your interests, not someone looking to earn a quick commission and could care less about your real interests. Smart brokers also know that doing a great job the first time is smart business and people sell and buy again sooner or later.

When Should You Rent?

It makes sense to rent when you are unsure where you are headed, if you want to try out a neighborhood or you are new to an area and need to find a place to live quickly. Renting is also an ideal way to try different living styles and amenities.

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