Selling Your Home: Real Estate Advice For Sellers

When it comes to selling a home, you want to get the best sale price that your home deserves. Right now, there is a lot of inventory available throughout the state, so if you want to get that premium sale price your product must give off that premium look and feel.

  1. Think about smart upgrades: If you could change one thing about your home… That thought can lead to the final piece of the puzzle to how to make your home a gem in the buyers’ eyes. If you can get your higher asking price with a new stove or refrigerator, these simple upgrades can help you earn a lot more when it comes to selling. Get many trusted opinions from outsiders. After all, when you’ve been living in a home for some time, you might overlook some of its deficiencies because it’s your home.
  2. Stage it: Even if your home is older, a little bit of a makeover can go a long way. In a way, selling a home is like speed dating. You have a very limited amount of time to impress someone and there’s the hope that your home will be matched to a buyer who will amount to a fruitful long-term relationship. So when you are dating, you put on your A-game look. Do the some with your home. Replace worn-out rugs. Refresh you furniture. Look at modern home magazines for inspiration.

  3. Curb appeal is appealing: Get that power washer out. Consider mulching as a weekend activity. First impressions are huge and do whatever it takes to visitors to fall in love as they are pulling up.

  4. Know what your home is worth: As you enter into negotiations, have a solid sense of how much your home is worth based on up-to-the-moment market conditions. You can also choose what buyers you want to deal with. If for any reason you feel the other party is not playing fair, back out. If you have to wait to find the right deal, it’s probably worth the wait. But by all means, strike while the iron is hot if you have an eager buyer who knows what she or he wants.

  5. Depersonalize: Though you normally want to make your guests feel at home and part of your family, you do not want to do this for potential buyers. When they are walking through your house, you want them to be able to imagine themselves in your home. Once you list your house, you should try to remove any items that are significant to your family such as pictures, religious memorabilia and family heirlooms. If you need examples of neutral interior decor, look at a home design magazine.

  6. Remove Pets: Not everyone is a dog or cat person. Take your pet to a friends house or out for a walk when your house is being showed. Also, be sure to hide any of their belongings such as their food dishes, litter boxes, dog beds and toys. When prospective buyers find your house on Gainesville real estate listings and come to see your house, they do not want to be distracted by your pet. Additionally, seeing your dog or cat may cause interested parties to question the state of your flooring.

  7. Leave Your Home: When your Gainesville real estate agent tells you they will show your house to someone, it is important to leave your house if possible. This will allow potential buyers to openly discuss the benefits and drawbacks of your home openly without having to worry about offending you. Further, if you are not present, it will permit them to walk through your house and observe it for themselves without feeling as if they are imposing.

  8. Keep Hidden Areas Organized: Interested individuals will want to get a thorough understanding of what your house as to offer. Therefore, they will most likely, poke around your cabinets and closets in order to find out how much storage is available. Keep all of these areas neatly organized throughout periods when the house may be shown. It will also be helpful if you remove half of the items in each area so it does not look overcrowded. Before your real estate agents in Gainesville, FL show your home, hire a company to deep clean your home. Cleanliness makes a monumental impact on first impressions.

If you still have questions about showcasing your home for the buying process, contact a listing specialist at Team Dynamo.