Boost Gainesville Home Prices with These Features

“Boost Your Home’s Value” is music to every homeowner’s ears, especially when they are looking to sell. But when choosing which areas to remodel or features to install, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or caught up in trends that might not last. Team Dynamo has seen firsthand the boost to a home's price these features bring when they’re included in a remodel.

Go For Bright or White Cabinets

When selling a home in Gainesville, take a look at the current color of your cabinets. Though white is the preferred color by many current home buyers, grey is gaining preference. White and other light shades naturally brighten a room and create an appealing contrast throughout the kitchen.

Bring an Island Indoors

The breakfast bars that were popular several years ago are now passé among homebuyers. People turn to a kitchen island for not only more functional space, but to also tie the entire area together. But before you plan the next weekend DIY project, remember bigger and beautiful is what buyers are looking for in an island. A professionally built island can be installed in a relatively short timeframe or added as part of a kitchen remodel.

In With the New, Out With the Old Carpet

Any realtor in Gainesville, FL can tell you stories of homes that would have sold quickly had it not been for dingy, worn out carpet. Wood flooring is in demand for most of a home, but new carpet in bedrooms can add a layer of comfort for a prospective buyer and seal the deal to a sale.

Move Your Office Out of the Kitchen

As more and more people work from home, even one or two days a week, many set up at the kitchen or dining room table for a conference call. Office nooks gained their name for a reason; they don’t take up an entire room yet are a practical office area in any home. We've seen several home sellers remodel a larger closet is a popular choice for an office nook.

Downstairs Guest Room

Whether a courtesy to guests or foresight to years ahead, more home buyers want a home with a guest room on floor level. Millennials repeatedly cite aging parents who either come to visit or will likely move in as a reason for this being high on a home buying list.

Frameless and Spacious Shower

Frameless showers increased in popularity because of a clean and modern look while improving accessibility. As Baby Boomers and others look to stay at home as they age, showers become more functional than a bathtub, especially one which can accommodate a built-in bench. A Gainesville real estate agent will work with you to best promote the accessibility of your entire home during the selling process.

Double Up

A double oven is usually at the top of the list for home buyers who love cooking and hosting gatherings year round. Before you list your home for sale in Gainesville, FL, consider having one installed to help your kitchen have a leg up on similar homes for sale.

Speaking of doubling up, double vanities in a bathroom hold a premium for buyers, especially if it’s in a master bathroom.  

Team Up With Team Dynamo to Sell Your Home!

Now that your home's price has increased, watch prospective buyers flock to it when you team up with Team Dynamo! Our customer-first focus and dedication to building strong relationships continues to allow us to be the premier real estate solution in the Gainesville, FL area. Whether you’re putting your home on the market for the first time or searching for your dream home, contact Team Dynamo to make it happen today!