Buying a Home: Don't Overlook These 8 Things

So you’ve decided to buy a home? Congratulations! Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or you’ve been through the process before, there is a lot to consider and take into account, not to mention plan and do. As the premier Gainesville real estate company, Team Dynamo prides itself on creating personal relationships with every client and helping them find their dream home every time. With our years of experience, here are eight things not to overlook when buying a home.

What Will Selling Be Like

Though you’re buying a home now, chances are you may not always live there. Be proactive and consider what selling it down the road will be like. Will you have to spend time and money to update appliances and the home itself to make it palatable for future buyers, or does it already have many of the in-demand features buyers like yourself want? A realtor in Gainesville, such as those with Team Dynamo, think in the present and future and can help you envision this process.

Get to Know The Community ...

Buying a home is a commitment in the financial sense, but it’s also a commitment to the area and community where the home is located. The Gainesville, FL homes for sale are located in a dynamic community, but not everyone looks for the same things. How close are schools your children would attend? What about restaurants and retail shopping? They might seem like minor details, but they factor into the overall fit of yourself, your home, and the community.

… And The Neighbors

The people in the neighborhood now are your potential neighbors should you buy this home. Taking the time to speak with them is a great show of goodwill and will give you insight into the neighborhood.

Schedule Visits

So you’ve taken some time to speak with who would be your new neighbors and it seemed like a good fit. But what’s the neighborhood like on a Saturday afternoon or Tuesday evening? Take time to visit the neighborhood at different times during the week to get a feel and idea for what the atmosphere will be like. What you discover may or may not be one of our next topics for you.

What Are Your Deal-Breakers?

It’s OK to have deal breakers when buying a home, and even better if you let your real estate agent know what they are. You want to be over the moon happy about the home you buy, and your agent wants the same thing for you.

Have A Home Inspection

Your planner is already full of dates and appointments related to buying a home, but this is one appointment you don’t want to bypass. The money spent on a home inspection now can save you tenfold if it reveals a major structural issue within the home before you sign closing papers. However, most inspections will reveal issues with a home, even relatively new homes. It’s part of living in a home and most of these issues can be either overlooked or negotiating with the sellers to fix before you buy.

Do Your Homework

It goes without saying, but you want to do your homework before buying a home for sale in Gainesville, FL. It may be tempting to save some money and have a friend who’s handy with household projects look over any home you’re considering buying, but unless they’re trained in inspections, you may end up spending more in the long run.

Work With Team Dynamo!

Buying a home is one of the largest figurative and financial investments you’ll ever make. And even after you’ve double checked you’ve not overlooked any of the previous seven things we mentioned, the eighth is a great way to make sure you wind up with your dream home! Team Dynamo knows Gainesville real estate inside and out and always puts our clients first from the first meeting to the day you move in. There’s a lot that goes into buying a home and when you team up with Team Dynamo, you wind up with an enjoyable buying experience!