The Duckpond

Gainesville's Most Livable Communities

Gainesville’s first neighborhood, the Duckpond was established in the 1870s. Many of the homes remain intact, providing historic surroundings within walking distance of downtown’s thriving shops and restaurants. Duckpond is also close to work for people employed in the government and professional offices downtown and for University of Florida faculty and staff.

The Duckpond is one of Gainesville’s most livable communities, with pedestrian-friendly shaded streets and a strong sense of community. In addition to the nearly 300 Victorian-style homes, the area features the Thomas Center, a former grand hotel that attracted well-known visitors to town in past times. Today, the Thomas Center is used for City of Gainesville offices. It also includes an art gallery and magnificent flower gardens.

This lively neighborhood is one of Gainesville’s most desirable places to live, and homes here maintain high property values. Get in now.

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