How Staging Can Make All the Difference

Although staging is a popular concept in the real estate business, many homeowners have yet to grasp its importance. Sometimes, attempting to reduce or limit the costs incurred while selling a home in Gainesville, FL, homeowners try to bypass this step. But according to a 2017 Profile of Home Staging by the National Association of REALTORS®, 77 percent of buyers’ agents said staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home, which usually decreases the amount of time the home spends on the market.  

Impress Buyers With Staged Rooms

Staging consists of anything homeowners do to transform a property to make it more welcoming and attractive for buyers. It includes rearranging furniture, redecorating and the use of art, painting, lights, greenery and accessories.

Before showing your home to potential buyers, it’s best to remove clutter and any objects that are too personal, such as family photos, homemade decorations and religious items. Nonetheless, if you get rid of everything, empty rooms that echo may give visitors the opposite of an at-home feeling. Dimensions would not be readily apparent, which makes it difficult to picture where their furniture would be placed and whether it would fit. The objective is to find the middle ground. Remove unattractive and customized items, but replace them with appealing features that make the rooms seem liveable. Remember, you want potential buyers to visualize themselves performing their daily activities comfortably in that space.

Staging Tips

According to real estate professionals, the most commonly staged rooms in Gainesville homes for sale, which usually bring a good return on investment, are living rooms, kitchens and master bedrooms. Some items frequently used for staging are mirrors, pillows, throw rugs, coffee tables, floor and table lamps, plants, loveseats, ottomans and bar stools.

Living Room

If there is too much furniture, freeing up floor space is a good idea. The living room will probably be the most crowded room if future buyers invite friends and family to their new home, so it should be easy to navigate and look large enough to fit everybody. Also, potential buyers may want to add some of their own furniture to what is already there. Keep items such as large TVs that let buyers imagine spending time in the living room.


Make sure the kitchen looks uncluttered and impeccable. Remove most of your personal items from cabinets to make them look bigger and show buyers how much storage space they would have. Especially if the kitchen is big or has an island, it may be a good idea to give the room a pop of color with a vibrant decorative vase, bowl of fresh fruit or bouquet of flowers.

Master Bedroom

To help the room look bright, remove dark curtains or at least keep them open. Add a headboard, invest in a luxurious bedding set, and stick to a simple color scheme throughout the room. Get rid of unnecessary furniture and anything that makes the bedroom look like your designated place to do work or store your belongings. Aim for it to look like a place for relaxation and comfort, nothing more.

Get Help From Gainesville Real Estate Experts

Because decorations are often a matter of subjective taste, it can be hard to figure out how to stage a home in a way that would please most buyers. If this is your first time staging a home or are struggling for any other reason, a real estate agent in Gainesville, FL, can help you select and place decorations. Agents with Team Dynamo will use their years of expertise on the local real estate market to pick the appropriate items for your target audience. Call us today for help staging your home!