Jonnel Latham

Listing Manager

Jonnel Latham joins Team Dynamo as a self-driven but team-strengthened professional with over two decades of customer service experience. As Listing Manager, she skillfully orchestrates the flow of critical data and background tasks that go into every single listing transaction – saving our clients (and our agents) from drowning in endless details. Jonnel is passionate about creating memorable and extraordinary customer service experiences for clients through clear and constant communication and a genuinely contagious positive attitude.

She takes pride in her ability to have formed meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues throughout her career. She's known as an educator to customers – which has led to increased customer satisfaction, retention and referrals. Jonnel collaborated with Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development to develop a dynamic LEGO Robotics course for homeschoolers using STEM. When she's not coordinating listings for Team Dynamo – she loves traveling, reading and spending time with her brilliant husband and two amazing children.