Negotiating Tips in Gainesville, FL

Part of the process of buying or selling a home is negotiating. And though many people don’t consider themselves negotiators by trade, with a little research and a few tips from Team Dynamo, you can negotiate your way into your dream home today!

Negotiating Your Selling Price

If you’ve decided to sell your home in Gainesville, you don’t have to resign yourself to taking less than the selling price. While there are any number of negotiating tips and tricks out there for sellers, if you know the true value of your property, there are several tactics you have to work with.

Counter With List Price

Initial offers often come in under the home’s listing price, leaving the seller with a decision to consider the offer or stick to the list price. Instead of countering with your list price will show if a buyer is truly serious about your home, they’ll understand you know what it’s worth and aim to receive its monetary value.

No Counter, Invite A Resubmission

If you receive a low offer, don’t hedge but rather invite the potential buyer to resubmit their offer without giving them a counter offer. Bolder than using the list price as your counteroffer, asking them to resubmit will eliminate potential buyers who are not 100 percent serious about your home.

A Bidding War In Your Favor

Creating a bidding war of sorts, if done correctly, can work in your favor and garner legitimately priced offers. After you’ve listed the home, schedule an open house but don’t accept or even entertain any offers until after the open house. Competition regularly brings out the serious side in people, especially homebuyers who know – or not – their offer is the only one under your consideration.

Have An Expiration Date

Countering any offer you receive on your home creates a legally binding negotiation. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, and most people are, put an expiration date on your counter offer. This date will implore the potential buyer to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Negotiating After A Home Inspection

Home inspections reveal a lot about a home, even ones that were recently built. But this doesn’t mean the home is uninhabitable but instead comes down to a potential buyer’s wants versus needs. Of course, structural issues with the roof or foundation, or any other costly part like the windows should be addressed if the inspection finds issues in any Gainesville, FL homes for sale.

So where would a buyer or seller begin negotiating after a home inspection? Begin by considering the overall offer and whether it accounted for any large issues in the home that would need repairing. Having a strong offer as a buyer gives you some leverage in negotiating, such as incurring the repair costs yourself if the seller was willing to accept a lower offer. Team Dynamo can help you through the home inspection process and go over the report so you understand what are consequential issues and others that should be immediately accounted for.

Negotiating As A Home Buyer

As a homebuyer, negotiating means knowing whether the market conditions are a buyer’s market, seller’s market, or balanced. For a buyer’s market, you have the proverbial upper hand and sellers may be willing to make price concessions to have you buy their home for sale in Gainesville, FL. A seller’s market presents a few extra challenges, but nothing you couldn’t prepare for and still wind up with your dream home. Team Dynamo’s team of realtors has years of experience working in all market conditions and will always put your dream home vision first.

Buyer Or Seller, Team Dynamo Helps You Negotiate!

Negotiating to buy or sell a home can be an exciting time for some while others are apprehensive. But when you work with Team Dynamo, you’re getting a team of real estate professionals who build long-term relationships with every client, listening to and supporting them throughout the buying or selling process. Whether your dream home is in Duckpond, Haile Plantation, or any other Gainesville neighborhood, we’re here to help you negotiate as a buyer or seller. Contact Team Dynamo today!