Tips for Improving Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling a house, first impressions really do matter. Prospective buyers may not even walk in your house if they are not drawn in by your house’s exterior. The modern era of technology only intensifies this dilemma, because many people will first view pictures of your house before they visit in person. Therefore, it is important to improve your home’s curb appeal before your Gainesville real estate agent brings buyers to your home.

Effective Ways to Add Curb Appeal on Your Florida Home

Experienced Gainesville real estate agents know how important the exterior of your home is when you put your house on the market. There are plenty of steps you can take to make your home seems welcoming no matter what your budget is.

  1. Spruce Up Entryway: Your front door should invite newcomers in. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint and clean or replace hardware. You can even add a new welcome mat or potted flowers.
  2. Clean or Replace Numbers: Don’t underestimate the negative effect dirty address numbers can have on the overall look. Remove dirt and polish the numbers until they are shiny and look like new. Make sure they are clearly visible from the road so prospective buyers clearly know they are in the right place.
  3. Improve Outdoor Lighting: Even if buyers visit during the day, make sure that your house looks welcoming at night as well. Replace the light bulbs in all exterior light fixtures and ensure they are functioning properly. You can also highlight walkways with affordable solar powered lights, which are decorative and improve safety
  4. Depersonalize Lawn & Porch: While you may love proudly displaying your college flag, garden gnomes or lawn ornaments, make sure you remove them before your realtor in Gainesville arrives. These elements will make your lawn feel cluttered and will distract buyers from other important exterior features.
  5. Clean Windows: Clean windows from the inside and outside to remove grime and buildup. Before walkthroughs, be sure to open shutters and curtains. This will not only make your windows sparkle from an exterior perspective, but it will increase the natural light streaming in on the inside.
  6. Pressure Wash Surfaces: Oil-stained driveways and dirty surfaces can make your house appear older than it actually is and poorly maintained. Pressure wash your driveway, walkways, deck, siding and garage door to freshen up your home. If you don’t own a pressure washer, don’t worry! You can affordably rent one for a day from a local home improvement store.
  7. Perfect Landscaping: The quality of your lawn will reflect upon you as a homeowner. If your lawn is well maintained, your house must be as well. Mow your lawn, removing weeds and overgrowth from flower beds and the edges of your property. Lay down sod in areas with dead grass and apply a fresh layer of mulch in your garden.
  8. Add Pops of Color: After you list your home for sale in Gainesville, FL, take your landscaping one step farther by planting bright flowers in your garden or placing potted flowers on your front porch.
  9. Repaint Mailbox: Give your mailbox a spruce by removing cobwebs, making sure that it is standing up straight and free from weeds. You may also want to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Real Estate Agencies in Gainesville, FL

After you make all of the necessary improvements to your home’s exterior, choose one of the best real estate agents Gainesville, FL, has in order to properly market your house. When you work with Team Dynamo, you will have access to a team of high qualified and experienced agents who want to prioritize your goals. Contact our office today to learn about which aspects take priority in improving your curb appeal.