Quick & Easy Ways
To Increase The Value of Your Home

Gatorville is home to about 127,000 residents and a booming real estate market. In the past calendar year, overall home prices skyrocketed an impressive 9 percent. Of all homes currently listed here, the median price is $215,000, with a median monthly rental price of $1,250. Gainesville real estate brings investors from all around the Southeast United States. As such, keeping your home's value in line with others will likely require upkeep, landscaping, and home improvement. Here are several tips to boost the value of your home for sale in Gainesville FL.

How To Improve Your Home’s Value

Accentuate Your Home's Exterior with Fresh Paint

Quality paint, brushes, and supplies won't cost more than $100. Painting your front door, shutters if you have any, and trim is a cost-effective way of sprucing up your home's curb appeal. When people drive by, they notice your front door. Visitors almost always enter through the front door. If you invite realtors or potential buyers over, they're going to walk through the front door, too.

Spruce Up Your House Numbers

Add some “wow” appeal to your house numbers by finding a color and font that accents your home and replace the existing numbers. These numbers generally don't cost much, so it's often a better deal to buy new ones than to decorate or paint over existing ones.

Invest In New Exterior Lighting

While installing new light fixtures may require a handyman's help, replacing existing light bulbs and their casings can be done by any homeowner. Depending on how many lights decorate your home's exterior, this cost will vary. Keep in mind that many home buyers have daytime jobs and will visit during the evening or at night so fresh (and clean) lighting is an effective way to boost your home's value.

Get New Interior Lighting

Homes that aren't well-lit don't look as good as other Gainesville, FL homes for sale. Get new, warm light bulbs to soften your home. Buying lamps that fit your home's style can also increase your home's value.

Remove Clutter

Do you have too much clutter? Aim for reducing the amount of knick-knacks, items on end tables, and pillows to boost your home's value. And if you have a garage or attic that is packed to the brim, then it’s time to lessen the load.

Install Flowers Or Shrubs

Anyone can landscape their home's exterior. Depending on what makes your house look better, consider adding an in-ground flower bed, plants hanging on the underside of windows, or shrubs in the front yard. Shrubs can be trimmed into shapes, unlike flowers, and can make your home look significantly more sophisticated. Whatever you decide to implement, make sure the flowers complement your home's exterior colors.

Consult A Realtor In Gainesville FL

Consulting a Gainesville real estate agent, professional home remodeler, or expert realty consultant is a reliable way of learning specific tips that could best improve your home's value. While landscaping, fresh paint, better appliances, and visually-appealing interior design will almost always boost a home's selling price, receiving an expert's opinion will help guide your renovation efforts. You should also consider hiring more than one consultant for advice to get a well-rounded answer.

Improve Your Home’s Value With Team Dynamo

Gainesville realtors are more knowledgeable and experienced than homeowners when it comes to boosting home value. They can also point homeowners in the right direction as to where to list homes or other important home-selling decisions. Team Dynamo offers experienced, licensed real estate agents who can help you make more from your upcoming home sale, too. If you’re ready to find out what your home is worth, improve the value of your home, and sell your home in Gainesville, contact Team Dynamo.