Tips to Sell Your Home in the Fall & Winter

There are a lot of myths out there about selling a home in the fall and winter months. The most common myth heard by the Gainesville real estate agents with Team Dynamo is that it's hard to sell a home during these months. But we disagree, especially if you follow these tips to sell your home in the fall and winter and work with Team Dynamo!

Make Sure Indoor Systems Are Working

Preventive maintenance on your home’s HVAC system is never more important than before you put your home on the market. An open house won’t be full of prospective buyers if the heat isn’t working on a chilly Florida fall day. Plus, prospective buyers will also wonder what else in the home hasn’t been kept up-to-date and would need repairing if they purchased it.

Lighting Is Important

With shorter days, the amount of natural light you can use to show off the home is also less. If it’s not possible to schedule open houses or individual showings during the daytime, you’ll need to lean more on interior and exterior lighting to highlight your home. In case you’ve been thinking of updating the overhead lights in the kitchen or bathroom, fall and winter is the perfect time. Also, remember to turn on closet lights before a viewing and use spotlights on the floor behind furniture to help brighten dark rooms.

Use Neutral Décor Instead of Holiday-Specific

Sadly, not everyone enjoys the Halloween wreath you put on the front door every year. Remember you’re making your home appeal to a wide group of prospective buyers. A realtor in Gainesville will recommend neutral and subtle seasonal décor as your best bets, and there are several ways you can make your home feel cozy the moment someone steps inside. Dress up a table with unlit candles (remember people may be allergic to or have sensitivities to fragrances and perfumes), drape an afghan or throw over the side of the sofa, and/or light the fireplace to create an inviting mood.

Curb Appeal Matters, Even If The Trees Are Bare

The trees in the front yard may have shed their leaves after the first few cool nights, but now isn’t the time to think of leaves as part of the exterior décor. Prospective buyers still want to see a well-manicured landscape in the fall and winter along with a maintained exterior of the home. If you don’t have time to get the yard ready, consider hiring a landscaping company to do a fall or winter lawn clean-up. Most companies need a day or less to remove leaves, mow the lawn, and tidy up the landscape.

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to display photos taken of your landscaping through the other seasons inside. Prospective buyers will get an idea of what the exterior elements look like in warmer weather.

Price Your Home Appropriately

When selling a home in Gainesville during the fall or winter, you don’t have to resign yourself to receiving less than market value. It’s a myth a home sold during these months won’t sell for what it would during what is traditionally known as peak season in the spring. Team Dynamo uses comparable prices and relevant information to appropriately price your home regardless of season to ensure you receive competitive offers.

Team Dynamo Sells Your Home In Any Season

Fall, winter, or any other time of of the year, Team Dynamo has the know-how, experience, and client-first focus to sell your home! We strive to create a personal and strong relationship with every client, listening, learning, and guiding throughout the selling process. If you’re thinking about entering the Gainesville real estate market any time of the year, contact Team Dynamo for an exemplary buying or selling experience!